Welcome to the tour „Fear zones and safe spaces. Right-wing violence, anti-racist initiatives and civil society in Jena around 1990“

The tour highlights fear zones and safe spaces in Jena around 1990, putting a particular perspective in the foreground: the perspective of those who experienced certain places in the city as fear zones and who sought out or created safe spaces themselves. The focus is on the perspectives of people who experienced racist and right-wing motivated intimidation and violence, and those who took action against it.

Places are included where people were affected by violence, places where they sought protection, places where solidarity developed and places where those affected developed their own initiatives and strategies for action.

The tour is intended to provide a building block and an impulse to further illuminate the background to the „National Socialist Underground“ (NSU) complex. Research results and transcripts of the interviews conducted can be viewed in the Thüringer Archiv für Zeitgeschichte „Matthias Domaschk“ and are available for educational and research purposes.