The walking tour „Fear Zones and Safe Spaces. Right-wing violence, antiracist initiatives and civil society in Jena around 1990“ was developed by a project team consisting of members of staff from the Thuringian Archive for Contemporary History „Matthias Domaschk“ and staff, doctoral candidates, and students from the Chair for Contemporary History at the University of Jena, who took part on a voluntary basis.

The project team was formed in early 2020 as a contribution to a JenaKultur initiative to develop activities investigating the NSU complex. As historians, the group’s aim was to question the context from which the NSU complex emerged. Continuities can be found on various levels and reaching back to the time before 1989 – not only regarding the biographies and temporary socialisation of the perpetrators and victims of right-wing violence in the GDR but also in terms of the emergence of right-wing structures and the way in which right-wing radicalism was dealt with before and after the structural changes of 1989/90.

Were it not for the interviews with contemporary witnesses, the help with transcribing the interviews, the financial support we received from the Fonds Soziokultur with funds from the Federal Commission for Culture and Media’s NEUSTART KULTUR programme and from the  Research Association Experience of Dictatorship and Transformation, the support of archivists, Torsten Eckold’s film-based expertise, netzkolchose`s development of the website, Franziska Stübgen’s site design and the translation skills of Dr. Jenny Price, we would not have been able to complete this project in the way we had wished: we therefore owe you all many thanks!


Dr. Agnès Arp, Raphael Bergmann, Emilia Henkel, Christian Hermann, Katharina Kempken, Dr. Carsta Langner, Dr. Franka Maubach, Christoph Renner, János Varga


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